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Vogts Needs More Quality 21/01/02


BBC Sport's Alan Hansen gives his view on the pending appointment of Berti Vogts as Scotland manager.

In Berti Vogts, Scotland have clearly chosen a manager with a wealth of experience, but that counts for little when you don't have the players to perform for you. It has been a long time since Scotland has had any world-class players and in that situation, you don't need experience, you need a magic wand.

I think Craig Brown did a fabulous job for Scotland with extremely limited resources and the fact that he took the team to the World Cup and a European Championship is an absolute miracle.

Vogts has a great background in management and obviously he has led the German national side but I really think he will struggle with what is at his disposal. I don't think the fact he is a foreign coach makes any difference at all. The fans will only worry if the results don't come.

However, Vogts will need time to settle in to the job because he is coming into the job from a different country. Like Sven-Goran Eriksson when he first took on the England job, Vogts will not be familiar with Scottish club football and he will need to find out for himself and go to as many games as possible.

His first task will be to assess the players he has got and start looking at players he could bring in.
I wish him the very best of luck but I won't be expecting him to lead Scotland to win Euro 2004.